Benedicte Raae A privacy first period tracker? Is it even possible? at Mobile Era

Do I want to track my cycles? Yes Do I want the tracker to push my data to a third party? Hell NO Do I want the data lying around unencrypted in a database somewhere? Not really Do I want backup and access from multiple devices? Kinda. Learn why this important beyond my personal preferences and how encryption can solve many of the privacy challenges we are experiencing in the current app economy. All this from a crypto n00b.

About the speaker
Benedicte Raae is an independent contractor, working as a full-stack developer. With a developer mom, she had free access to the Internet from an early age, but it was actually her Norwegian teacher that introduced her to HTML in 1997. Since then, she has created countless apps, services, and sites. Both for fun and profit.

About Mobile Era
Mobile Era is organized by a team of enthusiasts across several technology companies in Oslo. We’re passionate about developing mobile apps and want to see a kick-ass event in Oslo for people like ourselves. The organizing committee consists of developers who are also active in organizing open events, conferences and meetups in the Oslo developer community.

Our topics: iOS / Android, Mobile web / PWA, Cross-platform / JS-to-Native, IoT / Hardware, Mobile UX / Accessibility

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