Justin Anderson Unifying Web, iOS, and Android at Mobile Era

My team maintains video data libraries that we use to instrument video playback in the major Twitter clients (iOS, Android, and Web). Those libraries are written natively, but follow the same logic and design patterns across all three. We’re interested in trying to figure out the feasibility of doing a “write once, run everywhere” solution where we implement the logic once and then either transpile or run in an interpreter that library on each client. We looked into using JavaScript, Kotlin, C++, and Rust, each one has their advantages and disadvantages. In my talk, I will run through the advantages and disadvantages of each of these languages. Being at the scale Twitter has its own unique challenges, such as sensitivity to app startup time, size, and responsiveness, that we needed to factor into our decisions of language. This is a project we haven’t started working on yet, but we are playing on starting it between now and the conference.

About the speaker
Justin does mainly iOS at Twitter. He has been doing iOS development for 6 years, and dabble in Web, Backend, and Android.

About Mobile Era
Mobile Era is organized by a team of enthusiasts across several technology companies in Oslo. We’re passionate about developing mobile apps and want to see a kick-ass event in Oslo for people like ourselves. The organizing committee consists of developers who are also active in organizing open events, conferences and meetups in the Oslo developer community.

Our topics: iOS / Android, Mobile web / PWA, Cross-platform / JS-to-Native, IoT / Hardware, Mobile UX / Accessibility

Follow us on:

Website: mobileera.rocks
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mobileeraconf
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mobileeraconf/
Instagram: https://instagram.com/mobileeraconf

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