Digging Deeper Understanding HTTP - Daniel Eggert

This talk is focusses on how TCP/IP and HTTP play together to help make good decisions that can dramatically improve the performance for network intensive apps.

The talk is based on my article “IP, TCP, and HTTP” http://www.objc.io/issues/10-syncing-data/ip-tcp-http/ but also steps into the territory of SPDY and HTTP/2 to talk about how these help network performance.

Broad outline:

  • IP — The Internet Protocol
    What does it do? Packets and routing.

  • TCP - Reliable Streams
    Turning best-effort into reliable
    How does a TCP connection work?
    Connection setup, data flow, and congestion control

  • HTTP/1.1
    The lingua france of the internet
    “Request and Response” pattern
    The challenges of HTTP/1.1 -> verbose, connection re-use, …

  • HTTP/2
    The internet has evolved.
    Which problems does HTTP/2 solve?
    How to use HTTP/2 efficiently?

  • Daniel Eggert
    NSSpain 2015
# 2015


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