Mobiconf 2018 highlights

Mobiconf is an international conference focused around four paths: mobile development on iOS and Android, UI/UX design and using mobile solutions for business purposes.

The 5th edition of Mobiconf attracted over 550 participants: software developers, designers, product managers, etc. It also gathered the representatives of highly remarkable brands, like Google, Abbey Road Studios, Zalando, Spotify, Tinder, Shopify or IBM.

Watch Mobiconf 2018 after-movie and see the highlights of what’s been happening!

Mobiconf 2018 Weibe Elsinga, Egeniq

Title: Think and solve for ‘User Expectations’

Knowing ‘user expectations’ is vital when creating and/or improving your app/product. But how can you start thinking about user expectations? How does design thinking fill in all of this? And what does this mean for UX designers or developers? Wiebe Elsinga will explain how to think and solve for “user expectations.”

Mobiconf 2018 Elaine Dias Batista

Title: Building assistive apps with App Actions

In 2017, Google announced app predictions: 5 apps that are suggested to you on the App Drawer with a 60% prediction rate. This year, they are taking it to the next level: trying to predict the action that you are going to make at a specific time, depending on the context you’re currently in and by analyzing your usage patterns based on machine learning algorithms that run locally on your phone. Those actions can be, for example, continue listening to Spotify if you plug in your headphones or call your best friend on Friday nights. From this talk, you’ll get to know how developers can take advantage of this concept by declaring the actions that your app does so Google can index it and suggest it to your users at the right time.

Mobiconf 2018 Mateusz Muryjas, Analityczny

Topic: Mobile analytics for dummies

How many times have you thought, “How to identify the metrics that matter?” Well, it’s not easy without a context, but it’s also not as hard as you think. With an analytics state of mind and basic strategy, you can build your growth based on data.

During the presentation I would:

divide the mobile analytics into categories based on data sources,
find out how to use mobile analytics to improve conversion rates, ROI and user experience,
show how to implement mobile analytics in e-commerce or mobile apps,
introduce tools, that help collecting data and gathering insights,
list common myths about mobile analytics and mistakes you should avoid,
encourage to benefit from insights that based on mobile reports and dashboards.
So, if you want to understand what it means to have a fully integrated culture of data and make more data-driven decisions, then this presentation is for you!

Mobiconf 2018 Roy Marmelstein, Spotify

Topic: Adventures in Open Source

Open sourcing your code is a thrilling journey. In this talk, Roy will share experiences and learnings from maintaining and contributing to popular Swift frameworks - both as an independent developer and from within a very large company.

Mobiconf 2018 Meghan Kane, Novoda

Topic: Navigating the Apple ML Landscape

When it comes to machine learning, the abundance of tools and frameworks that are made available today overwhelms developers who are new to the field and slows down their learning process.

In her talk, Meghan will walk us through which ML tools to use for what purposes, be it training a model or doing on-device prediction, while also covering some of the newly introduced CoreML APIs in WWDC 2018.

Mobiconf 2018 Nicola Corti, Yelp Inc.

Title: The curious case of Android button

We interact with buttons every day to get coffee, order pizza, or start a new Gradle build. They may look simple, but they have a fundamental role in our environment: create a sense of power. We all love to feel empowered, and we all hate being frustrated by bad design. Your users know this as well, they want to fell immediately rewarded when they interact with your UI, and they will quickly drop your app if they get annoyed. In this talk, you’ll get a deep dive into the Android framework and the Support Library to understand how buttons are rendered.

Mobiconf 2018 Prathana Johnson, Shopify

Topic: Why are we building that?

Have you ever thought about why your company focuses on a particular aspect of the business? As a designer or product manager, do you feel like your role is to just make products “look good”? Have you had to hand over an experience without being able to add your point of view to the conversation? Have you wondered why your company feels like it’s moving so SLOW to respond to the market or innovate? Have you started down the path to find answers?

During this session, I’ll share with you a set of questions I’ve used to help drive the conversation around why, and how, companies are building specific products. You’ll hear how I used these questions to learn about product decisions as well as to create an impactful voice around what products SHOULD be built.

This is an Unlikely Path full of examples from both startups and fortune 500 companies. By the end of the session, you should walk away with some examples and insights around how you can deepen your understanding around product decision making, as well as ideas about driving better decision making and innovation at your company.

Mobiconf 2018 Jan Hudzik, Miquido

Topic: Software licenses for mobile developers

Do you know that adding some open source libraries to your project may oblige you to make your source code public? Do you know that if your app doesn’t have a screen enlisting all the used libraries, then you probably break the law?

During the presentation, I will go through different types of software licenses. For each of them, I will advise if we can use it in commercial projects and how to meet license requirements when developing for mobile.

Mobiconf 2018 Marcin Krzyzanowski, PSPDFKit GmbH

Topic:How to use Cryptography for mobile developers – common mistakes

How to encrypt, what is a cipher, how to use AES or message authentication. Dive deep into basic cryptography basic primitives. Learn the difference between platforms and languages.

Let’s make it a group therapy session. Straight from the CryptoSwift war field. Lessons learned, and not learned.

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