Mobile Accessibility Past, Present, Future! - Svetlana Kouznetsova (Mobile Era 2018)

Technology changes faster than accessibility guidelines can catch up, so the guidelines had to be updated several times. Currently WCAG 2.0 is going through another revision to adapt to new changes. Sveta will discuss history of web accessibility to help you better understand how it started and evolved over years and why it’s important to go above and beyond the guidelines. She will explain how disabled people use mobile devices and show some accessibility examples. The speaker will also share her personal experience as a deaf professional and a mobile user. Mobile accessibility improves user experience for everyone!

The unstoppable secret superpower of WebRTC - Jan Greger Hemb (Mobile Era 2018)

You might know that WebRTC allows you to have plugin free video conversations with other people. However, you might not know the secret superpower of WebRTC. An unstoppable feature that allows you to create peer to peer (p2p) games, transfer files, share your screen, share your redux state and even create a front end content delivery network. And all of this without even asking for permission. It’s time you heard about the data channel and how it can transform your websites forever

Breaking into tvOS design and development - Eva Dufey & Vadym Markov (Mobile Era 2018)

Key differences between designing and development of traditional tvOS apps to other devices in the Apple ecosystem.

Fast and Beautiful Modern Image Delivery Techniques - Doug Sillars (Mobile Era 2018)

The average mobile website page weight is ~50% images. Toss in the complication of thousands of differently sized screens, and it might appear that efficient delivery of images to every device is an impossible task. But all is not lost! In this talk, we’ll examine strategies to send the perfect image to every device, ensuring a fast, beautiful rendering of your content. We’ll look at progressive images, placeholder images, lazy loading and other techniques and real world examples that will improve the usability of your site or app. Attendees will come away with an understand of the current ‘state of the art’ for optimizing visual content on the web.

Send your app to rehab - Testing React Native apps with Detox - Alejandro Ortega & Erlend Halvorsen (Mobile Era 2018)

Getting started with end-to-end testing is easy, the difficult part is getting them to run consistently, and in a timely manner. Most of us have at some point or another tried and failed at getting end-to-end testing to work. Usually the tests end up flaky or take forever (in the literal sense) to finish. Detox is a cross platform, framework agnostic test automation library for iOS and Android that tries to solve some of these problems, but is it the cure we’ve been waiting for?

Azure Cosmos DB A look at the Universe - Sirar Salih (Mobile Era 2018)

Azure Cosmos DB is the new kid on the block. Everyone is talking about it and it has taken us by storm. The NoSQL universe is changing, but what is all the fuss really about? Are we entering a new era of NoSQL databases? The mobile world is equally changing, is there a correlation between NoSQL and mobile? So many questions! Join me in this lightning session where we will take a shallow dive and investigate Azure Cosmos DB. We all know that which is new and great, also has its pitfalls. So is this the thing for your project? Let’s find out!

How to AR - Kristina Simakova (Mobile Era 2018)

AR is getting popular and it is easier than ever to add it into your mobile app. But how much do we really know about AR and its limitations?! This talk will cover some dos and don’ts and lessons learnt when working with mobile AR.

Web Performance in 2018 - Jad Joubran (Mobile Era 2018)

In this talk, you’re going to learn about performance aspects and solutions for your Web App, focusing mainly on JavaScript performance. We’ll cover topics such as code splitting, dynamic imports, performance monitoring, and many more.

How to make a multi-lingual chatbot and use it in your Xamarin Forms application - Håkan Silfvernagel (Mobile Era 2018)

In this session we will be making our own multi-lingual chatbot using the Microsoft Bot Framework and LUIS, and demonstrate how we can use this in a Xamarin Forms application.

UI profiling in examples. Where is my bottleneck? - Artur Badretdinov (Mobile Era 2018)

You developed a feature, tested it yourself - everything works well. You send it to the internal testing, your managers… And they say it is slow!

We ran into the exact same situation and dug into the tools that may be used to make your Android app work on 60 frames per second.

This presentation is intended for the people who haven’t dived into the UI performance yet. You will see some examples of easy and fast ways to check if your app works well and if it is not, how to find the potential problem.

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