Douglas Hill - Full keyboard control in iOS apps

Josh Garnham - Pushing Protocols to Their Limits

With the great power of protocols in Swift comes great responsibility. In this talk we’ll build on the teachings of Crusty and look at how we can push protocols to their limits, making use of associated types as well as navigating the minefield that is Collection conformance. Here we’ll discover some pitfalls of the protocol based approach and take a look at some solutions, focussing on the weird and wonderful world that is type erasure.

Sam Clewlow - A brave new mobile world

This talk aims to change how people think about mobile as a technology, what it means and the impact it’s having on the world. We’ll look at how mobile has developed over the last 20 years from a telephone, to the miniature computers we are familiar with today, and importantly why that has happened. We’ll round out by looking at how mobile is driving the future, and how this will change eveything that we know.

Matthew Hasler and Oliver Poole - UI Testing without the UI

Jessica Rose - Burnout and Balance

Carla Goldstein - Dynamic UITableViews do’s and don’ts

At 4:56, Carla of course meant you want to be up to 60 frames per second (or even 120 on newer iPads).

Daniel Leivers - GraphQL for mobile developers

Michael May & Naveen Lingaiah - Mentorship

Moderated by Mannie Tagarira

David Okun - From C++ to Swift Modern Cross-Platform SDKs

Miguel Angel Quinones - Minimum Viable Tooling

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