dotSwift 2019 - Tom Doron - Implementing JSON-RPC with SwiftNIO

Filmed at on January 28th in Paris. More talks on

SwiftNIO is a cross-platform asynchronous event-driven network application framework for rapid development of high performance protocol servers & clients. SwiftNIO was first introduced in Feb 2018, and included basic protocols such as tcp, udp and http. Tom explores when you would want to implement your own custom protocol, such as JSON-RPC, and review how you could use SwiftNIO to do so.

dotSwift 2019 - Vincent Pradeilles - The underestimated power of KeyPaths

Filmed at on January 28th in Paris. More talks on

Swift 4 introduced KeyPaths, a literal syntax that allows developers to reference properties, in order to evaluate them at a later time.
Their addition went quite under the radar, because both the language and its standard library actually lack the proper tools to really unleash their full potential.

But with the simple addition of a couple helper functions, you’ll see how your code can leverage KeyPaths to become even more concise and declarative.

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