droidcon NYC 2018 - Tools of the Trade

Ty Smith

Tools of the Trade

With all the great resources and libraries available, building a new mobile app is easier than it’s ever been! But when your users come to expect your product to be as reliable as running water at a global scale, you’ll need to go above and beyond what’s currently available.

Join Ty as he walks down memory lane to cover the history of the Uber app development process. He’ll cover how it grew, the pain points discovered and lessons learned, and the tooling developed and open-sourced to scale to millions of users served by hundreds of contributors across many apps.

Topics covered will include: Buck, Uber’s architecture solution, RIBs, Proper Experimentation, Continuous integration, Code Verification and Static Analysis, and the company processes needed to facilitate a large app.

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droidcon NYC content organized by Kevin Galligan, President of Touchlab.
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