Learning security by being smiling_imp - Daniel Haight

We’ll learn about levels of security on the iOS and OS X platforms by a series of Sneaky Hacks™. The talk will be a set of demos that will demonstrate vulnerabilities increasing in severity and difficulty as well as how to avoid them happening to you or the apps you build.

Most of the content will be relevant and actionable to anyone creating iOS apps. Anything that isn’t will be super entertaining 😸.

Things that will be covered:

1) Get the user to download an app:

  • We’ll write an app that can steal keychain credentials
  • We’ll patch a version of an app the user already has (e.g. Twitter) to dump secure data.

2) Access a network the user is on:

  • Intercept some network traffic from an app that isn’t our own

3) Get root access:

  • Attach debugserver to app, use LLDB on a 3rd party app/
  • Tweek 3rd party apps (make all twitter photos cats)
  • Tweek system (OS processes). Draw something on the lock screen.
  • Access to 3rd party apps’ data (passwords/tokens etc).
  • Set up remote access (for next demo)

4) Get remote access:

  • A real time mitm server dumping all network traffic.

  • Daniel Haight
    NSSpain 2015

“Why Swift?” for everyone else and so much more - Ayaka Nonaka

The Venmo iOS team has spent the past 8 weeks rewriting our entire app (full of crufty old code dating back to 2011) in Swift. There were a lot of great things that we got out of this, but one of the biggest questions that we get is “That’s awesome, but how do I convince the rest of my team/company/stakeholders that it’s worth it?” This talk will cover subtle techniques and pitfalls to avoid to get what you want and how to apply it to other situations like giving code review feedback and working as a team in general.

  • Ayaka Nonaka
    NSSpain 2015

The Zen Guide to WatchOS 2 - Natasha Murashev

At WWDC15, WatchKit got a HUGE upgrade. Hello WatchOS 2! Learn the ins and outs of how the iOS and Watch App should work together to make the best user experience on the Apple Watch for your app.

  • Natasha Murashev
    NSSpain 2015

Welcome - NSSpain

  • Luis Ascorbe & Borja Reinares
    NSSpain 2015

Learn, Compete and Win. An introduction to Topcoder - Charlie Cowan

In this session learn how to up your iOS app dev skills, win cash prizes, and compete in our iOS community. On topcoder you can prove your iOS skills by earning our iOS topcoder badges and gain exclusive access to iOS challenges, as well as special community-related events and info, all while being paid to build real world enterprise iOS apps!

  • Charlie Cowan
    NSSpain 2015

Marco Sero Legacy Apps

Marco shares his experiences with taking on legacy apps and gives us plenty of advice about how to bring them up to date.

Jani Eväkallio React Native Introduction and a Case Study

Jani talks to us about his experiences coming to mobile for the first time and how React Native has helped him create his app.

John Sundell Dynamic, native User Interfaces on iOS

John tells us all about Spotify’s Dynamic Layout and how they use it to create data driven dynamic interfaces on iOS.

Humanities X Technology - Ashley Nelson-Hornstein

What does it mean to approach software and hiring with the perspective of Steve Jobs, that its “Apple’s DNA that technology alone is not enough - it’s technology married with liberal arts, married with the humanities, that yields us the results that make our heart sing?”

  • Ashley Nelson-Hornstein
    NSSpain 2015

Intelligent UI with AsyncDisplayKit 2.0 - Scott Goodson

Intelligent UI with AsyncDisplayKit 2.0

  • Scott Goodson
    NSSpain 2015
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