Thomas Caterall - The Dependencies You Didn't Know You Had

Thomas defines what a dependency is, then goes on to talk about some of the dependencies that might be hiding in your projects.


Joseph Lord - Beyond "if let"

When writing swift you will be dealing with optionals. Joseph shows us three ways to work with them more effectively while writing safer code.

Joseph’s Blog:
Slides Direct Link:

Mehdi Mulani - Reverse Engineering on iOS/Mac

An overview of reverse engineering in the workplace, discussing some of the tools and techniques used. Be sure to check out the deep dive into NSNumber with Hopper starting at 7:30.

Slides available here:

Some of the projects mentioned in the talk:

Raimon Lapuente - Little Wins With UIAppearance

Tips and tricks for using UIAppearance effectively.

Jon Hocking - 208 Weeks Later

Jon Hocking shares some of his experiences working with great designers.

Meng To - Fast Interactive Prototyping

Designer and writer Meng To looks at modern prototyping and shows us a bright future where designers write code.

Alex Akers - The Other WatchKit

Long before the Apple Watch, there was Pebble. Watches are cool now, so here’s how to get started writing apps for the Pebble.

Mike Abdullah - What's New in iOS8 for Hipsters

A whirlwind tour of API changes in iOS8, suitable for hipsters, hamsters and everyone else.

NSSpain 2014 Interview with Ash Furrow

NSSpain Interview: Ash Furrow talks about Swift and his upcoming book.

NSSpain 2014 Interview with Enric Enrich and Jaime Paulo

NSSpain Interview: Enric Enrich and Jaime Paulo

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