Nigel Barber - How to draw lines _very_ fast (May 2014)

Ivan Andriollo - Charles and Fiddler for network monitoring

Daniel Haight - A first step into other people's apps (May 2014)

Attaching reveal and LLDB to 3rd party apps


Simon Whitaker - "an Introduction to UIKit Dynamics"

Simon Whitaker gives us a the most concise and entertain introduction to UIKit dynamics we’ve seen to date.


Simon considers himself a software developer by nature; nothing else he’s done in life has been as satisfying as writing code. He’s designed and implemented all sorts of software, from distributed systems running across data centres spanning a continent to firmware for the embedded chip in a hydraulic test rig that he debugged using an oscilloscope. Since 2010 he’s been focused on writing fantastic apps for iOS. After 3 years running his own iOS development business he joined Black Pixel as a senior developer in 2013.

Sally Shepard - "Inheriting Legacy Code"

Fabio Pelosin - "Boundaries"

Rolandas Razma - "Backports"

Alex Rozanski - "Proxying"

Stig Brautaset - "Delighting your users with SBJson 4"

slides can be found here:

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