Sally Shepard - "Inheriting Legacy Code"

Alex Rozanski - "Proxying"

Stig Brautaset - "Delighting your users with SBJson 4"

slides can be found here:

humble apologies for the quality

Damien DeVille - "Debugging Closed Source Software"

Luca Bernadi - "Multicast Delegation"

Alt Tech Talks - Highlights

Graham Lee - "By your _cmd a deep dive into the ObjC runtime"

Graham Lee takes us on a tour through Objective-C runtime, playing guitar and building a KVO replacement in the process.


write up:

Graham Lee is a software engineer and instructor at the Big Nerd Ranch. This is just a thin front for his real mission: to meet lots of people, learn loads of stuff from them and tell it to anyone who’ll listen. Occasionally this leads to the emission of a small book, the most recent being APPropriate Behaviour.

Eloy Durán - Development in motion

slides: pending.

Eloy shows us how a little bit of Ruby can go a long way in our little world of Objective-C

Eloy is a professional gesticulator at HipByte, where he works on RubyMotion, and is a long-time open-source hacker. His most well-known open-source work in the Objective-C community, for better or for worse, is his work on CococaPods, the Objective-C dependency manager. He can be found on github and on twitter @alloy.

Daniel Tull - Compiling Data

Slides: pending, (follow @alttechtalksldn)

Daniel Tull talks about getting data release ready during the build process and shows us how to build and use an Objective-C command line utility to make this happen.

Daniel has been playing Cocoa developer since the Java Bridge existed on OS X. He has since made his way up from developing apps for Sky, Tesco and BBC to the heights of Gok Wan’s glorious fashion app. He declares himself a serial open-sourcerer and organises development talks at the London iOS Developer Group (LiDG) meet up at the Apple Store, Regent Street. Oh and he races Brompton bikes.

Sam Davies - "The Art of Custom UI Controls"

Sam Davies talks about every aspect that makes a UIControl, it’s a lot more than just code.

slides/writeup :

Sam started out life as a computer vision researcher - investigating the way in which the human visual system interprets the world. Having worked both in academia and the public sector, he decided his passion lay elsewhere and has been developing software for mobile devices ever since. Originally on the dev team for ShinobiControls, Sam is now their technical evangelist, and loves getting out to meet people, talking and writing about software development and data visualisation. You can check out his blog at and follow him on twitter @iwantmyrealname.

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