Chris Eidhof - "Learning Cocoa The Good, The Bad and The Ugly"

Chris Eidhof takes us through his journey of iOS Development starting at the very first public SDK. We see how both a programmer and an SDK mature in such a short time.


Chris Eidhof is an iOS developer who’s been building iOS apps since the first public release of the SDK. He co-founded and UIKonf and spends the rest of his time freelancing.

Florian Kugler - "One Cannot not Communicate"

Florian Kugler discusses the many different communication patterns available to cocoa developers and where they might be most appropriate.

Florian is a software developer from Berlin currently working on indie projects and in-house apps for the iOS and OS X platforms. He recently co-founded the developer magazine

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Dave Verwer - "Building iOS Dev Weekly"

Dave Verwer shows the process of creating iOS Dev Weekly - one of the most useful resources available to iOS Developers.


Dave is an experienced iOS and Mac developer, trainer and consultant. Dave also runs iOS Dev Weekly, an email sent out every Friday which contains a round up of interesting iOS news and links each week. Dave can be found at shinydevelopment, iOS Dev Weekly and on Twitter as @daveverwer.

Eric Allam - "Beyond the Basics Build Better Transitions"

Eric Allam talks on how we can take advantage of transitions to build a better UX.


Before becoming the lead iOS instructor and programmer at Code School, Eric taught people how to ruby with and Since then, he has been working hard to make learning iOS just as simple, with Try iOS, Try Objective-C and most recently Core iOS 7. He can be found at and on twitter @eallam.

Michael May - "Pragmas - The Mark Of A Craftsman"

Michael May - “Pragmas - The Mark Of A Craftsman”


Michael started doing mobile when it was still all J2ME and write once, test everywhere. Then, in the summer of 2008 He had an hours handover and was suddenly the sole iOS developer for Shazam, armed with a battered old MacBook and a print out of the Objective-C language specification… It’s been a bumpy, but mostly fun, ride through Shazam, The Guardian, Dennis Publishing, Time Out and, most recently, Lyst. He strived to always be a better software engineer today than he was last month, whilst drinking as much good coffee and beer as possible.

Krzysztof Zabłocki - "iOS Developer Tools and Workflow"

Krzysztof walks us through a great collection of the tools and processes he uses to make his apps. A lot of not so obvious time savers.


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Krzysztof is co-founder of Pixle, creator of award winning Foldify, he also works with Lextech Global Services.
Chris previously was Lead engineer at The App Business in London, coordinating work of 10+ engineers and leading development on high profile apps like Sun+ Goals, before moving back to Poland to focus on Pixle.
A lifelong programmer, he has worked on a wide variety of apps from business tools to entertainment. Read more at

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