Mike Lee - Growth the Destroyer

Mike Lee takes the stage at 360|iDev 2017 to inform, enlighten, and possibly enrage.

Jeff Kelley - Advanced Dates and Times in Swift

As a developer who’s been bitten time and time again by Daylight Saving Time and related bugs, by now you’ve mastered the art of wrangling dates and times in Swift. Or have you? This talk will cover some of the more inscrutable topics of dates and times: how many seconds are there in a particular year? How do I get a notification to fire at exactly 9:00 AM on the user’s phone? What if my user isn’t using the Gregorian calendar and I want to draw a calendar? In this talk, we’ll cover all this and more, drawing on the Swift standard library and Apple’s system SDKs to manipulate the very fabric of time itself or at least it’ll feel that way by the time we’re done.

Machine Learning on iOS with Tensorflow – Emil Bogren

Emil Bogren (https://twitter.com/bogrenemil) is a developer at Fishbrain. Since this summer, Fishbrain is running a Machine Learning model on device. He will explain how a fun idea made it to production, and how it’s built with TensorFlow.

iOS 11 drag 'n' drop – Daniel Kennett

Daniel Kennett (http://ikennd.ac/) is the indie app developer behind Cascable, an app which unleashes the power in your wifi-enabled SLR camera. With the advent of iOS 11, he implemented the new iPad Drag ‘n’ Drop APIs for his app, and now he will show how you can too.

Pearl Abraham - Get Talking with Actions on Google (Mobile Era 2017)

Let your users be the voice talent with Actions on Google. Learn how to design, develop, and distribute rich conversational experiences with Node.js. We’ll show you how to approach voice-driven, natural language interactions with API.AI’s powerful bot platform.

Florian Harr - The Internet of Things and iOS Don't let your toaster bring down the internet! (Mobile Era 2017)

Having developed several IoT apps for iOS and backends I can understand why in 2016 an army of toasters brought down the internet on the east coast. But how would you avoid that? Talking about the taxonomy of data exchange formats and design considerations, I’ll show you why IoT is great but needs your help!

Michael Schneider - Legal Issues in iOS Development

Explore the legal issues around building and publishing iOS applications. How can you protect your intellectual property? What can be done about infringing competitors? Talk through the legal issues starting with forming a company, through developing products, publishing and growing your business. Bring questions.

Neem Serra - Being a Cupcake in a Doughnut World Understanding and Combating Bias

Have you ever felt like you’re a cupcake in a doughnut world because everyone around you seems nice but you feel out of place for some reason. Or, do you feel like you’re a good person who is unaware of the negative ways that you affect people? Do you want to be better about creating an inclusive workplace? Unconscious biases affect our perceptions, decisions, and interactions every day. They’re the biases that we don’t actively realize that we have. How do we address biases if we don’t know about them? YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook, and Google have all released products that were unintentionally biased – what can you do to prevent your team from doing the same thing? This talk will give you a common vocabulary so you can speak to others about bias as well as recognize situations where bias occurs beyond sexism and racism to include invisible illnesses, religion, weight, etc. You’ll learn the consequences of bias, and how you can be more aware of all the bias around you that affect your team dynamics and affect the product that you are creating. We’ll discuss concrete examples of how can change the way you act today to actively work towards countering bias, and hopefully together we can make the tech world a better place to work!

Joe Keeley - Fun with iOS Enterprise Apps

Can building an enterprise app be fun? Not “fun” in the sense of “if this is fun, we’re having it”—but actual, joyful, enthusiastic fun? Join Joe Keeley to explore how to find fun in the development lifecycle of iOS apps in enterprise environments, and (not coincidentally) how to deliver better enterprise apps with improved ROI. Joe will share some lessons learned building mobile apps for large companies, and will walk through the development lifecycle of an enterprise app, pointing out ways to improve the process and make it more fun for everybody: developers, management, and the ultimate users.

Nick Dalton - Advanced Drawing Techniques with UIBezierPath and Apple Pencil

This talk will cover several UIBezierPath techniques using code examples and Swift Playgrounds:

The basics of bezier paths. (This is an advanced talk, but I want to make sure everyone has the same basic understanding before we quickly dive into more advanced topics.)
The UIBezierPath class - The many different ways to construct a path; the how and when to group multiple paths into one object.
Drawing a UIBezierPath - Bezier curves are much more fun when they’re drawn on the screen, and there are several different ways to accomplish this.
Zooming with UIBezierPath - These are vector paths, so why do they look pixelated when you natively zoom them using a UIScrollView?
NSBezierPath vs. UIBezierPath - Many good things came from the Mac, and often some of the goodness got lost in translation.
Coalesced events - Combine coalesced touch events from the Apple Pencil with bezier curves to draw super smooth lines. *
Predictive events - Add predictive touch events to draw bezier curves into the future! * Altitude, azimuth and force touch - Discover new angles from the Apple Pencil and use them to create interesting drawing effects.

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