Remi Pedersen - Make it count - Design & develop apps with Fuse (Mobile Era 2016)

Building apps takes time & effort, building GOOD apps (the only kind we really care about) even more so. In this talk we’ll take a look at some apps built with Fuse to see how they evolved from early design concepts to being published in the app stores. We’ll dig into visuals, animations and gestures as well as the integration of exotic platform features and backends, and we’ll see why enabling designers and developers to collaborate better let’s them create things that look & feel great in much less time. We’ll also take a closer look at the new visual tooling in Fuse, specifically designed for speeding up app development and letting everyone work on real apps as if they were mere prototypes.

Jens Gorm Rye-Andersen - Use Xamarin + Azure App Service to build better apps (Mobile Era 2016)

Use Xamarin to develop 100% native apps on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone from a single code-base.
Combining an Xamarin app with Azure App Service is a powerful combination and may save a lot of development time and complexity.
Azure App Service provides all backend functionality such as storage, push notifications, offline synchronization, authentication/authorization management, automatic scaling.
The first half of the talk will be an explanation of Xamarin concepts and architecture, together with an overview of Azure App Service and the benefits and functionality this particular platform-as-a-service provides.
The second half of the talk, I will show by live-coding how easy it is to build a simple app that works across platforms, and furthermore connect the app to an Azure App Service to provide seamless backend communication.

Øyvind Tangen - Swift on the Backend (Mobile Era 2016)

With Apple open sourcing and releasing a Linux version, Swift is ready for new territories on the server, and the term Full-Stack Swift Developer gets a meaning. This talk shows how easy you can get up and running with Swift on the backend.

Marcos Placona - Stop pushing users away (Mobile Era 2016)

In this talk we will look at common scenarios where we’re pushing users away without even realising it and look at real-life examples of how we can fix that.

Viraj Tank - Safe vs Deep integration of Realm (Mobile Era 2016)

Realm: A fast and secure database for Mobile platforms, which is easy to learn and integrate. Have you heard good things about Realm and considered replacing SQLite, Coredata or ORM with Realm? Do you know that with tons of advantages, Realm also brings some limitations? Have you faced thread handling issues with Realm? If yes, you will discover different integration approaches of Realm and best practices to follow, along with RxJava, Retrofit, Dagger, Annotations & MVP.

Syrine Trabelsi & Francois Blavoet - And then my phone became smarter A journey into the Awareness API (Mobile Era 2016)

François & Syrine will take a glance at the Awareness API and apply it to music recommendations. We are all carrying tiny computers with lots of sensors. With them, we can do more than display content, we can also make these devices aware of the world around us, making them smarter. One way to do this is to leverage the Google Awareness API in order to have rich features with minimal input from the user. It can trigger events when some conditions are put together: when you are close to a certain area, when you plug in headphones, when it is cold or sunny, etc. It can also be used to directly poll the sensors and get some information about the world around you. Using all these capacities to facilitate your life, your device will know what to do and when to do it, with or without your input (as configured by the user). In this talk François & Syrine will show you how to improve your music experience and take it to the next stage.

Arne-Christian Blystad - How we made a smartphone in Norway (Mobile Era 2016)

This talk will go through how BARTEC PIXAVI created an intrinsically safe (EX) Android smart phone and cameras. We’ll look at the hardware platform used (SoC), why we did the hardware and software choices we did, how we upgrade between different versions of Android, what modifications we’ve made to Android, the challenges we faced during development, and currently face during manufacturing and post-release development.

Svetlana Isakova - You can do better with Kotlin (Mobile Era 2016)

The Kotlin programming language is gaining popularity amongst the Android developer community. It’s a modern language that gives more power in everyday routines. Kotlin code generally looks cleaner and nicer, and it’s much easier to work with when you have less verbosity or code duplication. But what’s even more important, is that Kotlin is 100% compatible with all existing Java frameworks, and has good tooling in Android Studio and IntelliJ IDEA. In this talk we’ll discuss the concepts of the language that provide the desired expressiveness, as well as additional goodies designed specifically for Android.

Michael May & Naveen Lingaiah - Mentorship

Moderated by Mannie Tagarira

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