Thomas Pettersen - Yr - The next generation weather visualization (Mobile Era 2017)

Yr is the world’s 5th largest weather service. Adored by millons, hated by commercial weather networks, used by weather frustrated Norwegians as well as farmers in South Africa, and being a service for the people funded by the people. Yr is trying to redefine how people view the weather, with world class weather visualization, A LOT of prototyping and crazy ideas. I’m here to talk about our awesome journey, the techy details and the painstaking process of working with a really hetrogenous user group.

Majid Hajian - PWA & Front-end Frameworks (Mobile Era 2017)

How to leverage the benefits of PWA on in your front-end framework?

Khoa Pham - A taste of MVVM + RxSwift (Mobile Era 2017)

In this talk I will guide you to MVVM comparing to other architectures I’ve tried. It explains the best practices for structuring source code and dealing with asynchronicity. This will make you regret not using reactive programming earlier.

Christian Melchior - The Good, The Bad and the Ugly - Building Distributed Teams at Realm (Mobile Era 2017)

This talk is about how to succesfully work in a organization or team that is distributed across locations and timezones. It will cover the strategies and tools we found to work and also those that did not.

Vegard Haugstvedt - The Secrets of Android Accessibility (Mobile Era 2017)

Making apps accessible for everyone is important both to make sure you reach the largest user base possible and so you do not discriminate against people with disabilities. It can even enable additional features, like navigation with voice commands. But accessibility does not happen by itself! In this talk I will show you the techniques you should use to increase the accessibility of your Android apps, and warn you against a few common pitfalls.

Matthew Soucoup - Animating Xamarin.Forms (Mobile Era 2017)

Animations make your app visually appealing, easier to use, and more engaging.

Animations however are not limited to only traditional Xamarin development; you can add beautiful animations to Xamarin.Forms.

In this session, you will learn the core concepts of when to use animations in a mobile app and explore several different frameworks used to create them.

When to properly use animations to provide visual feedback, supply context around UI elements, and call attention to app status changes will be explored. Then you’ll learn how to make your app come to life using the built-in Xamarin.Forms animation APIs, SkiaSharp, and the new Lottie animation framework from Airbnb.

After this session, you’ll be equipped to create Xamarin.Forms apps that will stand out with animations.

Aysha Anggraini - Responsive Web Bloopers at Viki (Mobile Era 2017)

How hard can responsive web be? It sounds simple: design for a number of screen sizes and just throw in several media queries and your website isnow “responsive”! Unfortunately, this is not the case and responsive web hasn’t made our job easier. Adopting responsive web design will force you to change your design, development, and testing workflow. Problems may also arise in different stages of the workflow. In this talk, we will talk about responsive web blunders at Viki, how we overcome it, and some tips on how you can avoid it.

Kenneth Rohde Christiansen - The web in an era of smart devices (Mobile Era 2017)

In the last couple of years, the web has taken a quantum leap in usability, with offline support, and many ways to make the experience very app-like. So the question is unavoidable, can the web be the platform to make smart devices succeed too? The short answer is yes, so come and hear how!

Aaron Greenwald - React Native code reuse Architecture that works (Mobile Era 2017)

React Native promises 85% code reuse…can it be done? In my experience, YES. But it’s important to architect your code base properly. Learn how you can maximize your ability to reuse code across platforms by properly organizing and structuring your code base.

Julien Rénaux - Code once, deploy everywhere with Ionic (Mobile Era 2017)

Hybrid mobile app development has come a long way in recent years, to the point that many, if not most, types of applications can be built with standard Web technologies.

We will review what the Web has to offer in 2017 and how Ionic and Angular can help building world class applications on many platforms with only Web technologies.

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